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How to Get the Piece You Want
A piece of modern kinetic art could be the solution to your design challenge,
particularly if you're trying to  accent a space in a modern home or office.
For now, please consider whether one of my pieces would work for you.  If you like one of my pieces, email me and let's talk about what you want to do, design-wise.  If we can find the right piece for you, or design one to your specifications, I know we can work out the price.
Send an email here and I'll get back to you.  Thanks!

Now, with due humility, I offer the following work for your consideration.

"Floating Pelicans" suggests the motion of a flock of these graceful birds skimming ocean waves.  It's made of steel rod and polished aluminum.  Dimensions are 70 inches long by 22 inches (at its widest point).

Closeup of one of the pelicans.

"Rose Petals" has feminine appeal.  Measures 29 inches high, 40 inches wide, made of rod and sheet steel. Petals move gracefully with indoors air currents.

"Fish and Fowl Mobile" is 38 inches high and 29 inches wide.  It's made of steel sheet and rod, with glass translucent eyes.

"Fish and Fowl" is like the larger mobile above, but it has faceted lenses and is smaller.  It's suspended by a steel frame and has a steel and marble base.  Measurements are 17 inches long, 12 inches high and 5 inches wide.

"58" was named because it suggests automobile hood ornaments from 1958.  It's solid polished aluminum, about one-quarter inch thick.  Because of its weight it requires a heavyweight anchor in a ceiling joist.  As it turns it shows red, yellow and blue design elements.  Measues approximately 24 inches high, 51 inches long.  Comes in a custom-made, red-velventeen lined wood case.

This is the back side of the "58."  An indoor piece, its dramatic impact would be enhanced by strong lighting.

"Windblossom" is perfect for a protected garden that only gets gentle breezes.  Made from 20-gauge steel, aluminum and plastic cooking spoons it blends into greenery and makes a dramatic statement.  Has steel plates that can be staked into the ground.  Also looks great indoors near a window with strong breezes that make it turn.  A standout with a single spotlight, too.  Measures 7 feet high by 2 feet wide.  Special shipping required.


"Dots Dash" is made of steel rod and polished aluminum.  The pattern floats, bobs and slowly rotates as it expands on the basic theme of dots and dashes.  Measures about 7 feet long and 26 inches wide.  Samuel Morse might have gotten the message.

"Wings" is about functional simplicity.  Polished wings glide and turn in a special place.  Would work in a living room or an office that could capture some warm, rising air to make this piece come to life.  Made of steel and polished aluminum, measures 80 inches long and 14 inches wide, the piece features small-to-large elements to enhance perspective.

"Dutch Leaf" is a windmill for a very protected garden.  The base is to be buried in the soil.  The conical support of the windmill has a faux-stone finish to blend into the horticulture.  Made of steel rod and sheet with mylar blade inserts, it measures approximately 36 inches tall and 18 inches wide.  Special shipping.

Here's "Dutch Leaf" already "planted" in a garden.

"Monsieur Marlin" is like a lot of larger marine creatures: he moves but he moves slowly. Made of steel and resin-coated cotton, he measures 60 inches long, 29 inches wide and 33 inches at the top of his dorsal fin.  Requires a strong hook into a ceiling joist plus special shipping.  With the right lighting people will wonder if he's found Nemo.

"Garden Merlin" slowly turns in the wind of a protected garden (no hurricanes, please).
Made of 24-gauge steel, he pivots on a concrete base sunk below the ground.  Measures about 3 feet high and 2 feet wide.  Heavy weight requires special shipping. Go ahead, ask him what to plant next spring.

"Black and White Flower" should be gracing a simple table in your  hallway, even if Frank Gehry didn't design your home.  Made of sheet steel, rod and resin-impregnated cotton, it generally stays put, though you might see those black and white leaves tremble in and outside of California.  Measures 35 inches high by 25 inches wide.

"Mr. Smooth" is a highly polished phantastic phish made of aluminum and flattened marble glass.  The extra pair of fins adds to his stability and the conversation.  Imagine him swimming across your favorite wall.  Light through the glass adds to his fine and finny presence.  Measures 31 inches long, 8 inches high.

"Man Chasing Woman Chasing Man" is a fun mobile.  It's a zoot-hatted Johnny apparently chasing the Suzie of his dreams.  Or is she chasing him?  Shots in the corners of the photo show the detail on the shoes/booties.  Look closely and you'll see the man and woman have tiny stars in their eyes.  This little drama just goes round and round in air rising from the heating vents. Measures 33 inches across, 20 inches high. Those two are at it up near the ceiling right now!  Steel, aluminum, polymer clay.

Solar Color-changing Windchime.  As the wind makes the chimes ring, the sun charges up the night light.  When it gets dark the inside of the chime cycles through red, blue and green for hours until the battery gets tired.  Next day, it starts all over until the days grow too short to charge it up.  Then spring comes and Whoopee!  Aluminum, solar circuit and batteries, ABS plastic.  Measures 51 inches high (including the clapper) by 4 inches wide.  

"The Letter V"  is a steel and marble sculpture for a shelf or a desk.
Measures 7 inches long, five inches wide and 7 inches high. 

"Whine Rack"  No that's not a medieval torture device, it's a complaint-free place to store your favorite wines amid the graceful steel leaves and grapes.  Free-standing rack holds six bottles at a slant to keep the real and faux corks swimming in wine.  Not all bottles will fit, but most do. Welded steel.  Measures 25 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 9 inches deep.  Want a little different look?  Let's talk about it.

"Mobile Moderne"  This piece was made as a tribute to the creator of the mobile. It's about five feet tall and three feet across and features some dramatic balancing of its pieces.  Floats slowly and gently.  Would look stunning in an open stairwell but will also complement a corner in a favorite room.  All steel.

"Purple Wind" is a fanciful flower that features scroll-petals with flattened colored marble glass set in the ends of the leaves and around the yellow hub.  The textured trunk has large, veined leaves "growing" from it.  While the leaves will turn slightly in the wind, they usually remain still.  Made of steel, abs tubing, plaster and polymer.  Sits in heavy concrete base sunk below ground level and staked by steel rods.  Great for a sheltered garden. Measures 8 feet tall and five feet across.  Special shipping.

"Pink Lily" features pink "seed pods" that rotate horizontally in a breeze.  Part flower, part fantasy it could find a special place in your sheltered yard or garden. Could be your kind of floral statement.  Steel sheet and rod, abs pipe, plaster, ping pong balls.  Measures 5 feet, eight inches high by four feet across. Special shipping.

"Holey Shapes" was inspired by the earth tones you'll find in most Starbucks.  It features counterbalanced shapes that bob and sway.  All steel.  Measures approximately four feet across and three feet from top to bottom. By the way, a local Starbucks liked it enough to have it liven their ceiling space.

"Shape Meister" is a new take on the usually simple shapes of the mobile.  Somewhat baroque, maybe gothic, let's say its not your basic "moderne" piece.  All steel, it floats very slowly unless there's plenty of moving air.   Measures approximately seven feet across by three feet down.  Special shipping.

Here's "Shape Meister" installed in a living room. Would work in an office setting, too. This was also chosen for a local Starbucks.

"Black Floater" might be a favorite of a surrealist.  It's nicely counterbalanced and has enough surface area to turn nicely in the air.  Measures 45 inches high by 29 inches across.  Steel rod and aluminum sheet.